Effective Crime Prevention through New York Security Cameras

There are millions of people that visit New York City, NY every single year primarily because of all of the landmarks, monuments and popular tourism attractions and sites that seem to be overflowing within this particular city. Even though the cost of living is rather high, there are many people that have been able to generate substantial incomes through their careers or even their own businesses that allow them to survive and even thrive within this beautiful city of dreams. However, the exponentially increasing crime rates that have been confirmed within this city have also contributed greatly to making New York City known for being a city of nightmares as well.

Examining the Figures

Anyone that is unclear or in disbelief of the excessive criminal activities that are occurring almost on a daily basis can just take a few moments to look at the facts and figures that support this conclusion. For instance, one report has been able to confirm that there are over 48,000 crimes that are reported within this city alone each year. New York City is only safer than over 20 percent of other cities throughout the United States. Out of the 48,000 annual crimes, over 36,000 are property crimes and over 12,000 are violent crimes.

If you keep in mind that the average median for the country is 3.9 for violent crimes (per 1,000 residents), then you will see the potential dangers that are experienced by the people that live and work within this city by knowing that the average rate of New York City (per 1,000 residents) is almost doubled that amount. Fortunately, there are many home and business owners within this popular city that invest in high-quality New York security cameras and surveillance equipment in order to keep themselves and their respective properties safe and protected against the dominating criminal element that is present.

The Benefits of Motion Detection

new york video monitoringThere are quite a few benefits that can be enjoyed and experienced by the average consumer that chooses to invest in New York security cameras that come fully equipped with motion detection capabilities. When it comes to saving a substantial amount of time and money without having to sacrifice effectiveness and efficiency, making sure that your New York surveillance system has motion detection capabilities in a wise choice and high-quality investment decision.

Keep in mind that a standard New York CCTV camera that is programmed to record footage non-stop can truly burn through an excessive amount of power and energy within the average month, which can create a major financial dent for the average New York City household or business. On the other hand, motion detection is able to potentially save a substantial amount of time and money for the average consumer primarily because of the fact that it does not become activated until motion is detected within the areas that are being covered. Instead of running non-stop for extended periods of time, this type of New York surveillance system remains dormant and inactive until it is activated by motion – which means that you will be using a fraction of the power and energy that you would have used with a standard, non-stop New York CCTV camera instead.

Get Quotes From New York’s Best Security Companies

Regardless of how experienced you may be with security cameras and related equipment, you should always consider investing in the professional services of an expert technician or contractor when it comes to placing and installing your New York security cameras in their appropriate positions throughout your property. The men and women that work within this field have an extensive amount of acquired experience and applied knowledge that allows them to easily use their superior levels of expertise to deliver top-notch quality services for their clients and customers.

They will be able to survey your property, assess your specific security needs and easily identify the most effective strategic locations for your New York security surveillance system. Even though it may cost much more than the average consumer may want to pay (especially when you take into consideration the cost of the actual equipment alone), this type of investment is truly worthwhile because at least you know that the job is going to get done right the first time around with minimal errors and complications.

Benefits Of Remote Video Surveillance

Before you can feel content and confident in the effectiveness and efficiency of your New York surveillance system after it has been placed and installed appropriately, you need to take the time to conduct a thorough testing of the equipment system immediately. This is not something that can be completed within a few seconds. You need to take your time to make sure that every single aspect of your New York surveillance system is running properly and to specification.

Once the primary receiver has been setup and programmed, take a few minutes to scan each New York CCTV camera that is hooked up to the surveillance systems in order to make sure that you get a clear signal and continuous feed from each one. If there is any loss of signal or distorted feed, this will provide you with the opportunity to address and resolve these issues accordingly and in a timely fashion. In addition to making sure that you get a continuous feed live, you also want to check to make sure that you are able to record extended periods of footage as well. Take a few moments to review recorded footage to make sure it is being saved properly.

The Need For New York Security Systems

The battle against crime in New York City is just a small drop in the bucket in comparison to the war against crime that is currently taking place within the entire state. It is very important to make sure that you are protecting yourself and your property within this ongoing war. Investing in high-quality New York security cameras is the very best decision that the average consumer can make, especially when they are strategically placed and installed by trained professionals.

New York Security Systems: What To Look For

A city of dreams. A city that never sleeps. Broadway. The Statue of Liberty. The Brooklyn Bridge. Times Square. All of these are major highlights of New York City that drive millions of people towards this amazing city each year. Even though it is true that New York City is a great place to live, work and even visit, it can also be a very dangerous place to do those things as well. How so?

An Increasing Crime Rate

You do not have to be very familiar with the streets of New York City to know that its crime rates are steadily increasing and have been doing so continuously with each passing year. According to Neighborhood Scout, New York City is more dangerous than 88 percent of other cities throughout the United States.

Over 51,000 property and violent crimes are committed each year, which calculates to over 32 crimes per 1000 residents. When you think about the fact that you have a 1 in 110 chance of becoming a victim of crime in this city this can become a little scary.

However, taking effective steps now to keep yourself, your family, employees and properties protected will minimize that risk even further to help relieve this weighty burden. This is one of the main reasons why so many people have invested millions of dollars collectively on New York security cameras and burglar alarm systems throughout the city.

Exploring Your Specific Needs

Before you find the best New York security system for your home or office building, the first step that needs to be taken is exploring your specific needs. Make sure that you maintain a realistic outlook when it comes to this particular step. It is very easy to overdo it – investing thousands of dollars into the most expensive security system with all of the premium “bells and whistles” that are currently available just to make sure you are protected.

A general rule of thumb to always keep in mind is the simple fact that you do not need the most expensive New York security system available to ensure protection – you just need to find the New York security camera system or burglar alarm that fulfills your specific needs and realistic expectations.

For example, do you need to have around-the-clock monitoring and captured footage of the activities occurring both inside and outside of your property? On the other hand, do you only need to have footage of actual activity that occurs whenever it does? Answering these types of questions will paint the portrait of your specific security needs much more clearly than if you were to just approach the market searching for the most “impressive” package available.

Find Packages to Meet Those Needs

After you have taken the time to identify your specific security needs, you will then be able to find competitively priced options that are perfect matches for those specific needs. For example, you may have discovered that you do need to have a continuous stream of footage recording everything that occurs inside and outside of your business or residence. In this case, you might find it to be more beneficial to invest in long-term recording software with efficient storage capabilities. For example, investing in a New York security camera system that saves all captured footage to an external hard drive with a substantially large storage capacity will truly come in handy. It will also save a lot of time, space and energy since you won’t have to worry about working with actual tapes and cassettes used to store these recordings.

On the other hand, examining your specific needs may have led you to realizing that you only need to have a system that monitors actual activity whenever it occurs. In this case, investing in motion detection technology might be the most feasible approach to take. For example, motion detection cameras installed within a New York security camera system will stay in a dormant state of inactivity until they are triggered by any activity that is picked up by their designated motion sensors. This will allow your security camera system to consume a reduced amount of power and energy in comparison to a non-stop security camera system, which will only lead to more long-term savings which can be reinvested into your business or household income.

The Bottom Line

There is not a single security camera system or burglar alarm system that is going to make your home or office building completely invincible and impenetrable to the forces of crime that haunt the streets of this city. However, your chances of minimizing that risk are exponentially increased by making the wise decision to invest in this type of equipment. Explore your specific security needs and then follow up by finding competitively priced packages that meet those needs to keep yourself and your property protected while getting the most value from your hard-earned money.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Home Security Systems in New York

New York City. The city of dreams. The city that never sleeps. Home of Broadway, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. This city is also home to one of the highest crime rates in the country. There are over 14,300 violent crimes that occur on average each year along with close to 37,000 property crimes within this city alone.

This is only scratching the surface when it comes to the substantially high number of crimes committed throughout the state this city was named after in the first place. However, when it comes to finding the best home security systems and burglar alarms in New York, NY to protect your homes and office buildings, there are several factors that need to be considered before finalizing any purchases.

Understanding New York Home Security Systems

home security systemsOne of the very first steps that should be taken is to consider your budget. Keep in mind that you may want to have the deluxe, high-end security system that is filled with all of the bells and whistles that upper-class households and major corporations can afford. However, if you have a drastically limited budget, a more suitable choice would be for you to simply invest in a low-end yet efficient security solution for your home and/or office. The key is to make sure that you invest your hard-earned money into a security system that you will actually be able to afford to use. Otherwise, you would simply just be throwing your money away.

Calculate Long-Term Costs

The last thing that you should want to do is to invest in a security system or security service in New York now that you will not be able to afford later. When considering the limitations of your budget, make sure that you pay close attention to the projected expenses and costs that you will be required to pay in the long run. Do not just focus too much on the initial, one-time costs involved – especially if you are interested in purchasing a system that is going to require active monitoring from an external company or firm.

Keep in mind that these monitoring services will keep your security system connected to local law enforcement and first responders for emergencies so that you will not have to worry about making those calls yourself in the event of an emergency. Even though this type of service is very beneficial, it can also become very costly when you calculate the long-term monthly prices and other recurring expenses that will be associated with these services.

Preventing Crime With Home Alarm Systems in New York

The basic concept of New York security systems and New York home alarm systems involve a series of different components. When you take the different components into consideration piece by piece, you will be able to identify their significance as independent puzzle pieces in order to truly decide whether or not they are even necessary in the first place. For example, you know that you will need to invest in a high-end base, hub or receiver to serve as the core element of your security service in New York, NY. However, there are so many different components that can be added to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall system.

For instance, you can choose to use closed-circuit television cameras, or CCTV, to maintain a continuous stream of footage that will allow you to tap into the footage being captured at any time. Even though most security alarms and New York home alarm systems used to be record their footage on tapes, advanced technology has transitioned more and more systems towards using hard drives and SD cards instead.

This basically means that you will be able to record much more footage for longer periods of time without having to worry about running out of tape or experiencing technical difficulties and glitches with cassettes that prevent you from being able to actively monitor your home and/or office building.

New Advanced Technology In NY Security Systems and Services

Another component to consider would be motion detection technology and if it is even necessary to purchase in the first place. Using motion detection technology along with your security cameras and security alarm systems in New York in general will allow you to focus more on efficiency when it comes to long-term operations throughout the day and night.

For example, instead of actively running your security equipment around-the-clock (which can drastically cause your power consumption expenses and bills to skyrocket), you can have it programmed to run along with your motion detection technology so that your system can only be activated from an otherwise dormant state.

Test the System Carefully

new york burglar alarm systemsOnce you have all of the puzzle pieces together fitting well in a complete home security system in New York, the next step that you need to complete right away is to test the system. Do not make the mistake of getting your system up and running and then assuming that everything is going to work just because of the brand and manufacturer of the actual system or how much money you actually paid for it.

Keep in mind that there could still be a wide range of technical glitches and issues that are present within your security system regardless of how high-tech and deluxe the model might be – especially when it comes to security systems and components that are attached by any type of physical wiring or cables. Along with testing the system carefully, you need to make sure that you also test it thoroughly as well. Take it through as many dry runs and hypothetical scenarios as possible. The more time and effort you put in to testing your system and making sure that everything work properly, the more effective and efficient your New York home alarm system will be for your home or office.

The Bottom Line

A New York security system should be viewed as a required investment instead of an optional luxury regardless if you are a single homeowner or the owner of a major corporation. However, as you can now see, there are several points for you to consider carefully before making your purchases.

How to Understand and Install a New York Surveillance System

Whether you are a New York home or business owner, establishing a high-quality security system within your property can go a very long way when it comes to keeping your family members, tenants or employees safe and protected against the expanding world of crime that is lurking within the dark shadows of the streets of New York City. Even though you may have to pay a little more money than you initially expected in order to purchase a high-quality New York surveillance system with high-performance New York security cameras, you can actually save a lot of money by selecting and installing this equipment on your own. Before embarking on this type of journey, though, there are several points and steps that you need to take into consideration in order to complete this overall installation project successfully.

Choosing the Best Quality Security Camera’s

security cameras new yorkWhen it comes to selecting the best quality equipment for your New York surveillance system, you need to keep in mind that the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the most important piece of the puzzle. Its primary function is to record the footage that is being captured through each New York CCTV camera, which is all stored within the built-in hard drive. You should search for DVRs that come with remote internet viewing capabilities, especially if you plan on using mobile devices to view the recorded footage.

Your best bet would be to find DVRs that come integrated with motion detection capabilities as well as object masking that make it much easier to review the footage that has been recorded within each New York CCTV camera. If you want to make sure that you can burn your video footage to a USB flash drive, then purchase a DVR that comes with at least one USB flash drive. Once everything is up and running keep the DVR in a safe and secured location because you definitely do not want anything to happen to it since it is the primary hub and core element of your New York surveillance system.

Find a Quality Source of Power

When it comes to making sure that your New York security cameras are able to receive the amount of consistent power that they need, there are two alternative options from which you can choose. For instance, each individual power line can be ran separately into an individual outlet within your home or office building – especially if you are an expert when it comes to using pig tails. The AC adapter, which is also needed, should come with the equipment kit.

The second alternative comes into play if you need to use multiple cameras instead. All that you need for this type of setup when it comes to power is a central power supply box with multiple outputs. By screwing the negative and positive wires into the power supply quick and easily, you will enjoy a clean yet efficient connection. Make sure that you check all physical connections before turning the power back on in order to see if everything is working the way that it should. You can even attach an external monitor to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) once all of your New York security cameras have been strategically placed and properly installed accordingly.

Connecting Cameras and Monitors

Regardless of how many New York security cameras you decide to use for your home or business, you need to make sure that each camera is able to have power and video connections and cabling. By plugging in both sides of a standard Siamese coax cable to the cameras, both of these needs can efficiently be fulfilled. It truly does not matter which type of camera you decide to use, because the overall setup and cable connections should be the same across the board.

If you are interested in investing in high-quality monitors to become included within your New York surveillance system, then you should take the time to think about how many you will need. Keep in mind that your overhead expenses for power and energy consumption will increase with each device and additional connection that you create within your home or office, so try your very best not to overdo it by purchasing an excessive number of monitors just for the “visual appeal.” All DVR’s should come fully equipped with VGA capability, so you can even save a substantial amount of money by using standard computer monitors instead.

Using NY Security Camera Systems

Once everything is up and running, you should never forget to take a few minutes to conduct a thorough test run just to make sure that everything works the way that it should. Check the continuous feed that is being captured by each corresponding New York CCTV camera just to make sure that there is no lack or complete loss of signal. You need to also make sure that the footage which is being captured is being recorded properly as well through each of the New York security cameras that are included within your surveillance system.

Professional New York Camera Installation

It is true that you will be able to save a lot of money on the front-end if you decide to avoid hiring a professional technician to install your New York security cameras. Keep in mind that most technicians charge their customers and clients by the hour and there is a lot of time that is involved with the average placement and installation of this type of equipment. However, there are some cases in which hiring a professional expert, technician or contractor is the best option.

This is especially the case when your specific property calls for an extensive amount of work in order to complete the full project. Instead of focusing too much on the money that you are going to spend on these services, you should think about the money that you would have to spend to repair or replace any damaged equipment or structures within your home or office building that you may cause simply because you are not able to handle this type of work without expert assistance. This is why we urge you to use our quote form to instantly get quotes from New York’s finest security companies for the exact security solution you are seeking. Get started now!